Advent International Logo

Designed, developed and delivered keynote address on “How NOT to work with Americans or Europeans.”  2004.

Alexander Group Logo

Created and ran Account Planning Workshops on the back of qualitative customer research for Account Executives and Account Managers across Europe to restructure and re-align accountabilities, grow client charge volumes, profitability, loyalty and tenure.  An associate to the Alexander Group.  1997.

American Express Logo

Developed and delivered ½ day workshop on “Building Trans-Atlantic Working Relationships.”  2005.

Aviva Logo

Developed and delivered custom “Influence and Persuasion” program for senior leaders at this UK insurer.  2013.

Axa Investment Management Logo

Advised various Client Directors on conversion, growth and retention strategies. 2013.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance Logo

Designed and delivered The Marketing Academy curriculum and its programs for marketing teams around the world.  2013.

Bupa Logo

Developed and delivered briefing for Group Organisation Development Director in advance of his Boston international assignment. 2009.

Developed and managed as Programme Director the “Inventing our Future 2010” annual conference for the top 100 leaders globally across the Group. 2010.

Developed and delivered “Marketing and Branding: British Banking vs. Chinese Banking” for this executive development programme for the Bank’s senior leaders.  2016.

Developed and delivered “Building Global Mindsets” workshop for staff of this financial services professional body.  2018.

As Co-Programme Director with OneLeap, created and delivered leadership program for this international cohort of young leaders for Credit Suisse's Young Investors Organisation to build their capabilities ahead of roles in their family businesses.  2018.

FICO (Fair Isaac) Logo

Conducted primary qualitative research to assess the employer brand and recommend a value proposition for their recruitment activities. 2010.

Ford Credit UK Logo

Conducted primary quantitative market research to assess the reasons behind a high drop-out rate of a 3 year leasing product. 1994.

Developed and delivered “Marketing and Branding: British Banking vs. Chinese Banking” for this executive development programme for the Bank’s senior leaders.  2016.

GMAC Global Relocation Services Logo

Creating and implementing all aspects of the EMEA marketing strategy for this world leader in expatriate management services. Value propositions, channel strategies and management, strategic alliances. 2004.

Conducted primary research into the range and features of leading high interest cheque accounts in the UK and Channel Islands.  Commissioned while at PA Consulting Group 1990.


Acting as Programme Director for this London Business School Centre for Management Development client. Designed two 1-week programmes, for senior and middle-management executives respectively, across Europe. 2008.

Developed and delivered in-company workshop, “Working with Americans.” 2011.

Hosted New York webinar broadcast “Propelling Growth – And Managing Risk.” 2017.

Created “Culture Snapshots” for global Country Guide collection.  2017.

Masterclass "Mastering the Art of Influence and Persuasion." 2020.

Masterclass "Working across Cultures." 2020.


Developed and delivered workshop for this Indian bank on future trends and implications on new ways of working. 2010.

Independent Registrars Group (IRG) Logo

Conducted primary qualitative research and subsequently installed key marketing processes for this leading UK share registrar/analysis services company.  1995.

M&G Investments Logo

Designed and delivered in-company workshop on “Working with The World.” 2013


Mercer/MMC Logo

Developed and delivered keynote address on “Professional Services Marketing Best Practice” 2007.

Developed marketing databases and prospecting campaigns to reach UK SME’s known to have significant exports to the USA and banking US Dollars in the UK. 1996.

Nikko Bank Logo

Designed and delivered senior management development programmes to improve the effectiveness of the Marketing function and accountabilities of core team members. Commissioned by Chartered Institute of Marketing 1997.

Pay-X Logo

Develop the marketing concept and brochure copy for this electronic payments processing start-up. 1997.

Royal Bank of Scotland/Forum Corporation Logo

Delivered leadership programme modules for senior executives from Group and business units. 2003.

Schroders Investment Management Logo

Designed and delivered series of client relationship planning workshops for senior client managers. 2005.

SFS Group Logo

Localised/amended business presentation of JV proposal targeting US insurance underwriters for this UK marketer of school fees insurance. 2001.

Staffordshire Building Society Logo

Reviewed and developed the remit of the Marketing function in line with best services marketing practices.

Standard Bank Logo

Developed and delivered workshop for London-based Commercial and Investment Banking [CIB] executives of this South African bank on the impact on leadership of future global trends. 2010

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Logo

Developed and delivered workshop for the European bank, “Working with the World.” 2011.

Swiss Re Logo

Developed and delivered Management Excellence Programme (MEP) for this Swiss global reinsurance industry leader. 2013

TSB Bank Logo

Researched and installed value-added services to be delivered by Head Office to the fee-paying operating companies of this leading UK financial services institution. Commissioned while at Hay Management Consultants 1991.

UBS Logo

Developed and delivered ½ day “Working with Americans” workshops for US and UK in-house legal teams. 2006.

Developed and delivered “Leading Virtual International Teams” workshop for UK teams. 2011.

Developed and delivered “Working with Egyptians” workshop for UK teams. 2011.

Zurich Financial Services Logo

Developed and delivered “Working Globally” workshop for UK-based executives working with Swiss colleagues. 2010.